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The ChelaMax® line

The ChelaMax® line was developed as a readily absorbable mineral chelate with strong enough

Binding to protect the mineral from hydrolysis, but weak enough to allow for absorption of the mineral further along the digestive tract. The development of these custom chelates borrowed from both the paradigms of proteinates and amino acid chelates, allowing for the greater potency of an amino acid chelate with the proven high bioavailability of a proteinate.

Targeted potencies

The ChelaMax® line specifically is formulated to deliver targeted potencies of minerals, while ensuring the minerals are chelated, and therefore bioavailable. In some cases, delivering this potency requires a dilution, or trituration of the final product. In order to promote the most thorough reaction with all potential reagents, these triturations are performed in situ. In every case, the mineral is fully converted to a chelate form.

pH stable from stomach to intestine

A key component to ensuring good bioavailability of a mineral chelate is to ensure that the metal

component is not hydrolyzed when making the transition from the stomach to the small intestine. The chelation of the mineral occupies reaction sites on the metal that could otherwise cause the metal to precipitate out into a less absorbable form.

Stability to oxidation

Oxidation and reduction are the chemical processes through which there is electron transfer between the two components of a reaction. Certain minerals are only useful to the body in one oxidation state, since this affects the chemistry they can perform in the body. Many minerals are taken with other supplements, or in blends such as multi-vitamins. One issue with mineral salts is they have a propensity to react with and oxidize some vitamins, especially Vitamin C (a well-known anti-oxidant). Unfortunately, such reactions are counter-productive in that they tend to not only neutralize the metal, but also denature the vitamin. Fortunately minerals in ChelaMax® dietary ingredients are, by design, resistant to oxidation. In a mechanism similar to how chelates ensure pH stability, the chelation of the mineral also protects reactive sites on the metal from reduction.

Laboratory-proven results

ChelaMax® makes claims about the potency, stability and palatability of the mineral chelate and its fate in the digestive system. Each of these claims is based on laboratory observation. ChelaMax® products, and their soluble ChelaSol® counterparts, are demonstrably shown to be resistant to pH changes, and redox resistant in the presence of Vitamin C. In raw, single-blind taste panels, ChelaMax® products are invariably preferred to their inorganic counterparts.

ChelaMax® is a registered trademark of Innophos Holdings, Inc