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For Over 19 years, Osteoform® Amino Acid Chelate Calcium has been supporting bone health across the world.*  The first Osteoform® capsule was manufactured at AMT Labs, Inc. ® in Salt Lake City, Utah in 1995 and was born from the frustration of inorganic calcium compounds that didn’t do the job. Low absorption and digestive side effects made available inorganic calcium supplements non-appealing.

That’s where Osteoform® came about.  Based on extensive scientific research, Osteoform® utilizes AMT’s® proprietary chelate technology ChelaMax® in its manufacturing process to provide readily bio-available and stable calcium, other trace minerals and Vitamin D3 in the support of bone health to consumers across the world.

A snapshot of Osteoform® Amino Acid Chelate Calcium’s major events from the last 19 years:

  • 1995
    Osteoform® was first manufactured at AMT Labs, Inc. ® and is marketed in the United States as a Dietary Supplement
  • 1997
    Product reformulation for improvements in product stability utilizing the ChelaMax® chelate technology from AMT
  • 1997
    Osteoform® distribution expands to the People’s Republic of China and receives China SFDA drug approval and is marketed throughout mainland China and its territories
  • 2007
    Osteoform® expands distribution to Canada and Mexico and is available for purchase throughout North America
  • 2008
    Additional reformulation of Osteform® for improvements in chelate technology and product stability
  • 2011
    Osteoform® expands product distribution in North America in partnership with Amazon.com®(delete)  through Amazon’s sales platform
  • 2012
    AMT Labs, Inc. ® is acquired by Innophos Holdings, Inc. ®, a leading producer of nutritional specialty ingredients, expanding Osteoform’s research base allowing partnership in development of future product improvements and expansion
  • 2013
    Osteoform® expands product offerings in China and receives regulatory approval from the China SFDA as a Nutritional Supplement for use in support of bone density health*
• These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

AMT Labs, Inc. ®,  ChelaMax® and Innophos Holdings, Inc. ® are  registered trademarks of Innophos Holdings, Inc.
Osteoform® is a registered trademark of Pharmco International, Inc.